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  • 2020-02-23
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Long story short, Edubirdie is the company which will save your ass if you have problems in college. They help students to get high grades. If you don’t want, cannot, or have any other reason why you cannot do your homework on your own, you can leave it to Edubirdie, and they will handle it.

If you are familiar with how writing services work, you already know this 4-step ordering guide since it is the first thing you learn visiting a writing service. You fill in an order form, provide instructions, choose a payment method, the company automatically assigns one of their writers, he writes your paper, and you get what you paid for or not (it depends on the company you choose).

Does edubirdie work the same way? Not exactly! First, you do provide your paper instructions and fill in the form, but after that, you select a writer for your project yourself. You can chat with a candidate, ask about his experience, discuss the details of your paper, and only after you decide you found a good expert to write your paper, your ordering procedure is over.

In the end, you do pay the money, but your writer will get them only when you approve that you got your paper, and that it is exactly what you need and you are fully satisfied.

I like this option of choosing a writer for my paper myself as well as the fact that my writer will not get the money until I say that everything is fine. It gives the feeling of control. Most of the other writing websites cannot give you the same. And this is one more reason why I like ordering at Edubirdie so much.

Edubirdie can probably complete any type of assignment for you. Personally, I’ve never faced a situation that they could not handle any of the assignments that I asked them to do. It makes me believe that their team of writers is indeed very large, and they have the experience in writing a paper on any topic.

The prices are not the lowest, but they are not extremely high either. They start at $18 per page. That’s above average, and I know there are plenty of websites which offer $10-12 or $14 per page. Once I made a mistake and decided to buy a paper for such a low price as $11 per page on another writing site.

I thought that the worst thing that could happen would be for me to have to make some corrections myself, but I would still save about 40 bucks. You couldn’t even imagine how wrong I was. The whole story is too long, but in the end, I spent even more money, wasted a lot of time, and got a C for this paper. After this case, I gave up any experiments with cheaper writing services.



Have you heard about Edubirdie? If you are a student who has at least once been looking for homework help, you must have noticed this company before. So did I, when I was in search of somebody who could assist me with a lab report 3 years ago.

I was struggling to choose between a few websites that provided practically the same writing services, and Edubirdie was one of them. Frankly speaking, there was not a good reason to select Edubirdie instead of any other.

They all promised the same academic writing help, and the prices were not so different. Still, I liked the option to choose a writer on Edubirdie and to talk to him about my project before even paying any money. That’s probably what bribed me as well as their nice website design.

Even today, I still remember that I paid 137 bucks for the first order on Edubirdie. That was a big sum of money for me then, but I needed my lab report to be done perfectly, and I didn’t believe that somebody would do it for less.

This was my first experience with a writing company, but I hoped it would be a good one. I got a B+ for this extremely tough lab report, and only two more know-it-alls in my class got the Bs too. So, I was more than satisfied with this result and became a regular client of Edubirdie.

A bit later, the company even gave me a special discount since I started ordering papers almost weekly. That’s how I discovered Edubirdie, and currently the company has completed over 100 orders for me. I will not say that everything was perfect every time.

I have no intention to show Edubirdie in a better light. Things happened, and sometimes they were not pleasant at all. But eventually, Edubirdie always managed to find a way out and only strengthened their reputation of a trustworthy service in my eyes.



So, why am I actually writing about Edubirdie at all? For the last three years, this company has become almost a friend to me. It is like your fav blogger who gives good life hacks, but in my case, they do my homework for me.

Hence, when I found that many people say shit about Edubirdie and leave negative edubirdie reviews on different platforms, I couldn’t pass by. My first thought was, “Maybe there is something I don’t know about this site?” or all in all, there are always those who leave negative comments with no good reasons, no matter what you do.

People are sometimes such assholes. And I decided to check these edubirdie reviews, especially the bad ones. My own experience contradicted many things that people spoke online about this company. So, that’s why I decided to do it, simple curiosity.



Edubirdie has nothing to hide, and even on their homepage, you can see the customer rating from such review platforms as TrustPilot and SiteJabber. I visited these sites to see with my own eyes what people write about Edubirdie.

The percentage of negative reviews was low, less than 10%. Here are a few examples from TrustPilot. As you can see yourself, they are not informative at all. I’d rather say that these edu birdie reviews are rather emotional, but have nothing to do with facts. No explanation of what the company did wrong, no examples of poor quality paper. So, how can I be sure that this person is telling the truth?

The reviews on SiteJabber are pretty much the same. Most of them are the repetitive “they are scam” with no explanation of what the company did wrong. If I wanted to write a negative edubirdie review, I would describe everything in detail from the ordering process to the paper I received.

I would even attach the paper I received from them so that other people could see with their own eyes how poorly my paper was written. And you know what? None of them did it. They say that the service is bad, talk a lot about papers of very awful quality, but for some reason cannot attach even a few paragraphs to prove their own words.

Don’t you find it strange? As for me, it is worth you nothing to make a few screenshots of a bad paper that you got from Edubirdie and just attach them. It makes me so mad because I ordered over 100 papers on Edubirdie, a few of them were not as good as I expected, but Edubirdie always improved them upon my request.

But in general, around 95% of all assignments written by Edubirdie for me were of excellent quality. I could be wrong saying that they are good, had I only placed two or three orders, but the statistics like mine proves that this writing service does write papers that bring you As.

My next stop was Reddit. I googled edubirdie Reddit reviews but found only this on the site. Somebody asked whether it is worth using Edubirdie, but got a negative response with a link to “a trustworthy writing service”. Well, that is a real scam, guys.

A very stupid competitors’ attempt to bring a client to their site. It is so obvious that I don't even want to pay much attention to it, but you can find much more than one such negative review online.

My tip on how to find a real review is to analyze what such a person writes. The cliche phrases like “they are scammers” or “the paper is bad” are not what people would really say. Remember when you were dissatisfied with something the last time? You were angry, full of emotions, and focus on details. You do not recommend other services, you just want to say how bad this one was. So, don’t let Edubirdie’s competitors trick you.


Almost two years ago, Edubirdie started a mass marketing campaign on YouTube. Dozens of famous bloggers have been promoting the Edubirdie service in their videos. I personally didn’t see anything bad about it.

Bloggers always advertise something, that’s the way they earn money. We have already got used to it and often don’t pay attention, no matter what product or service they present in the videos. But for some reason, the Edubirdie campaign raised a lot of disputes online.

Everything went so far that even BBC wrote an article about this case, accusing bloggers of promoting academic cheating and calling such people immoral and simply greedy and bad guys.

I think that was not fair towards bloggers. Students make a decision themselves whether to use academic writing services or not. Bloggers just say that such an option is available on the Edubirdie website.

How can they talk about the moral aspect of using a writing service, saying that cheating is bad when we constantly see alcohol and tobacco advertisements? They harm people’s health, and thousands die of consuming these products yearly. So why do we still see such ads? Isn’t it immoral?

Writing services are not illegal; otherwise, they would be banned long ago. Edubirdie has been in operation for over 5 years at least or even more and is still working as well as many other writing services that had been created before and recently.

There is nothing wrong with using services like this until you don’t ask them to write each and every one of your assignments but only ask for help when you really need it and cannot handle your homework alone.



Recently, I came across First, I didn’t even see the difference until I noticed that instead of American dollars they charged UK pounds for the service.

This site was created for UK students, as I figured out. It works exactly as, but they hire only UK writers and the clients see the prices in GBP.

Is uk.edubirdie reliable? Yes, it is the same good and reliable Edubirdie, but oriented on students in the UK. This new site has appeared recently, and I didn’t manage to find a lot of uk.edubirdie reviews, only a couple of comments on SiteJabber and a few more on TrustPilot.

As always, the opinions were different, and you can still find a review which says “It’s scam” with no proofs or solid arguments.


Is edubirdie reliable in providing online writing help to students? Does it work just like it is said on the site? I have placed a lot of orders and can assure you that I know pretty well how everything works here. I never failed to find a writer to do my assignment.

Hence, when I found that many people say shit about Edubirdie and leave negative edubirdie reviews on different platforms, I couldn’t pass by. My first thought was, “Maybe there is something I don’t know about this site?” or all in all, there are always those who leave negative comments with no good reasons, no matter what you do.

People are sometimes such assholes. And I decided to check these edubirdie reviews, especially the bad ones. My own experience contradicted many things that people spoke online about this company. So, that’s why I decided to do it, simple curiosity.

The prices were always reasonable. I mean, even if the topic of my paper was not so easy, they didn’t charge me like twice more. Every time I placed an order, I received my paper on time. I have never had issues neither with late delivery nor with plagiarism.

All you need to do is provide the instructions, find a good candidate for your assignment according to his/her rating and experience, and let the writer do what he can do best - write a paper for you. And if you ask “Is edubirdie good at providing papers of good quality?”

I can assure you, they are. I’ve never received a grade lower than a B. As for me, these are excellent statistics if you take into consideration that the company has written over 100 papers for me.


I hope that my edu birdie review has answered many questions that you had. I am not saying that this writing service is the best or that their prices are. You can probably find cheaper writing companies. However, it is a service I can trust, and that’s important for me.

Is edubirdie legit? Yes, it is. You can count on them, your money is safe. I have never faced any issues with money. And that was probably one of the most important factors for me over all these years. I can count on Edubirdie no matter what, and they never let me down.